Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Where Does the Time Go?

Seriously, where does the time go? Summer was a blur. The kids have been back to school for a month. It's already October. And it's 2 1/2 months until Christmas. I really do think that the older you get, the faster the time goes by. Seriously!

I was really sad for school to begin this year. My youngest started Kindergarten. All.Day.Kindergarten. My baby is growing up. It was SO hard the first couple of weeks when he was at school. I was so used to having him beside me as my "little sidekick". He was literally right by my side and loved to help me garden, water my plants, wash the car, and cook and bake. He also loved going shopping, building Lego together, sitting on the couch reading books, and giving me endless hugs and kisses. ♥ I am and will miss our alone time together.

But he was ready to go. He's been wanting to go. When I dropped him off for his first full day of school my heart broke and I was in tears. But slowly, through the weeks, I have adjusted. He is loving Kindergarten and has already made a best friend. That makes my Mama heart SO happy.

Lately, I have been filling my days with my Etsy shop. I am creating new wall prints and a line of Printables where a digital file is emailed for you to print at home or at a photo lab. A great way to add a little affordable art to you decor.

And of course, doing lots of laundry (there's always endless piles) and cleaning (the bathrooms are done faithfully every week now, there is nothing like the feeling of taking a shower in a sparkling clean bathroom) are always on the agenda.

I also plan and create more elaborate homemade meals. For the last couple of months, our family has adopted a healthier eating habit of no processed food. The husband and I have not had any refined sugar...the only sweetener that I have had is a few drops of liquid stevia in my smoothie or honey/maple syrup in the paleo granola that I make. And it has been good. Really good. But I will write about more on that in a future post. :)

I am also planning on blogging a lot more. I have really missed it.

And a post isn't complete without a picture. I could never get tired of this view.

Beach photo beach_zps1b113271.jpg

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