Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Get Rid of Those Stubborn Stickers!

Recently, I finally bought some new plates. Our old ones were starting to show their wear and I saw some white square ones that I really liked. Not sure why I really like white, but I do. Probably hoping for the day when I can paint my walls white and have a crisp, clean white decor with splashes of color, ie. turquoise. But that won't be for quite some time, until my little boys get older. But I'm not complaining, they can take their time! :)

Oops, I got off topic. I was talking about plates. Well yes, under each of the plates is a sticker. Well, those stickers are really darn hard to get off. When I tried peeling it off, it would leave traces of the sticker behind and it took forever to get every.little.piece.off.

That's when a light bulb moment hit. I remember seeing a pin on Pinterest about using vinegar to remove stickers. Have I told you that I ♥ Pinterest. I could tell you here, but I'll leave that for another post.

So, I got my trusty spray bottle of vinegar and liberally sprayed it on the sticker.


I waited for about 15 minutes. Literally, the sticker peeled right off! Amazing!


And there you have it. Nice, new, stickerless plates! Photobucket

I hope this post helps you with getting those darn sticky pieces of paper off!


  1. Yay, so glad to hear that! :) I was so happy when this method actually worked. No more scraping with my finger nails to try to get those nasty things off! :)


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