Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Etsy Favorites

I love handbags. They are such a fun accessory or for me a necessity! :) I tend to trend towards larger bags...something big enough for me to put all my stuff in. What exactly will you find in my purse? Well let's see...wallet, lip gloss, iPhone, notebook, pen, business cards ('cause you just never know!), hand sanitizer, kleenex, gum, coupon organizer and more...! :)

I thought I would highlight a few handbags that I really love from some talented Etsy artists. ♥

1. Art On Crafts ► Emerald Green Leather Handbag
2. Chic Leather ► Dark Brown Leather Handbag
3. VEINAGE ► Leather Handbag With Strap Bulbe
4. The Leather Store ► Leather Handbag in Purple
5. milo & saint ► Bespoke Denim Blue Italian Leather Handbag
6. Adeleshop ► Yellow Hobo Messager Bag



  1. Awesome round up! I love the mix of colors here. The green is fabulous.

    Link up your Friday Feature with me!

  2. Thanks Rose! So happy that you like it! I just linked up to your blog! Have a great weekend! ♥


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