Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snow Day!

Yesterday it had snowed quite a bit overnight, so in the morning, to my kids delight, it was declared a 'no school day' due to the snow.

Mateo, especially, was very excited because he had been praying for quite some time that it would snow. So when the snow finally came he was more than ready to go outside to play.

It only snows here maybe twice a year in the Winter, (if that)! And usually the snow comes and then is gone as quickly as it came. So when it does snow, we have to take advantage of it while it's here.

When we went out in the morning it was really, really cold. It wasn't from the low temperature, but from the chilling wind. The kids played in the front yard while I shoveled the driveway. :) We didn't stay out too long because the wind was really numbing.

We went out again in the afternoon, but played in the backyard this time. The wind, for some reason, in the back was not nearly as chilly as it had been in the front so we stayed out for quite some time.


Mateo loved throwing the snow up in the air and having it fall all over him.



What better thing than playing with trucks in the snow?


Mateo was pretending he was a snow plow and making paths all throughout the ground.


Mateo thought it would be fun to bury the trucks.


And this is one of the five glittery snowflakes that I have hanging from our pergola. I haven't taken them down yet from Christmas. I just may leave them up for a little while longer. I think they look kinda pretty. :)

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