Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Pet Hamster

Mateo was so happy to be able to bring home his class' pet hamster this weekend. Last month, his teacher started allowing the kids to take the hamster home for the weekend. Mateo's been asking me for the past month when we can bring her home. So finally I said that we could take her home this weekend.

I have to admit that this hamster is pretty cute. :) It's actually quite amazing how perceptive and alert she is. Carlos was watching her in the cage and I was turning around a corner to go see her and as soon as I did, Carlos said that she moved her head in my direction and watched me as I approached the cage. She also likes it when we put our finger up to the cage so she can smell it. :) It must be the goat milk soap we've been using. :)

There's these little heart shaped treats that we are supposed to give her twice a day. They are about 1cm in diameter. She just takes them in her cute tiny paws and gobbles it up in one bite. Wow!

She also came with this little 8" hollow ball that you can put her in. We tried it and it is SO funny! She will 'walk' in the ball and it rolls her around the floor. It is seriously the cutest thing that I have ever seen.

It was hard taking pictures of her because she moves so fast within her cage and the lighting wasn't the best. I didn't want to use my flash either because I didn't want to blind her!


Isn't she cute?


Her paws are so tiny compared to the rest of her body.


What a sweet face!

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