Monday, January 30, 2012

2012 Health Show

This past weekend my sister and I went to the 2012 Health Show. This was our third year going and I have to say that it is one of the best shows ever! The health show provides a wealth of information on practical diet, supplement, exercise and lifestyle tips that promote healthier living.

There were tons of booths with over 100 exhibitors. We got to sample lots of tasty food and beverages and learn about innovative health products, services and fitness techniques. And there were tons of free samples to take away. There were also opportunities to shop at most of the boths with special event pricing. Just fabulous!

Here are a few of the samples and information booklets that I got to bring home.





I even got to meet Sam Graci, creator of Greens+ and one of North America's leading experts on nutrition. I also got a free autographed copy of his book, The Path to Phenomenal Health. My sister got one of his other books, The Bone-Building Solution. So when I am finished reading mine and she is finished hers, we can switch. Cool! :)


One booth that I was particulary intrigued with was the Laundry Ball by SmartKlean. A Laundry Ball replaces traditional soaps and detergents to wash your clothes. It also replaces fabric softeners and dryer sheets while conserving water and energy.

The active components inside the Laundry Ball are derived from Earth minerals and are formulated to leave zero residues behind. And since there is no residue, I can skip the rinse cycle on the washing machine and go directly to the spin cycle, thus saving water! Yay!

All this information and the testimonials they had, sold me and I purchased one. I'm really excited to try it, but I'll have to wait a bit because I just opened a big bottle of Ecos Laundry Detergent a couple of weeks ago. So I will have to use that up before I use my Laundry Ball. I'll do a follow up post when I use it and provide a review for any curious minds out there! :)

And introducing my new Laundry Ball...


I loved this health show and will definitely be going again next year!

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