Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Etsy Favorites

Etsy is such a wonderful marketplace. This week's Friday Etsy Favorites feature a few of the items that I have purchased from some fantastic sellers. Love! ♥

1. Little Fever ► .Vintage Photographer Necklace
2. Cubit's ► Organic Heirloom Seeds
3. Fired Up Ladies ► Hand Stamped Personalized Bubble Necklace
4. Rustic Metal Creations ► 4-Sided Bar Handstamped Necklace
5. Luv Laugh Sparkle ► Crystal Lariat Necklace
6. eNVe Designs ► Rainbow Quartz and Sterling Silver Necklace



  1. Yay! *does a happy dance* Thank you so much for featuring me! And beautiful features. I will definitely pass this along. Cheers!

  2. Little Fever - I'm loving the "Vintage Photographer Necklace" that I purchased from you. I get lots of compliments on how lovely it is. ♥

  3. theolivetree - Thank you! I absolutely love all of them! :))

  4. The bubble necklace for me is great. I love those pendants. The style is so unique too. I also like the simplicity of the Rainbow Quartz and Sterling Silver Necklace. I've seen a pendant that resembles a cookie jar with real small cookies inside from one of the blogs. It was a great concept too.

  5. The cookie jar pendant would be so cute! I love all of the jewelry pieces I have bought. I wear them all the time. Great purchases!


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