Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Brownies Made With Honey and NOT Sugar

Last week, I decided to do some baking as I haven't had alot of time lately to do that.

I made some Roger's 9 Grain Chocolate Chip Cookies. Tobias loves these cookies. And I love them because they are nutritious and there is not as much flour and sugar as in a 'regular' cookie recipe. :)

I also made some brownies, as Mateo loves brownies. A while back I had bought a huge container of cocoa powder to make hot chocolate and other chocolatey goodies. I noticed that there was a recipe on the back of the container for brownies.

The only problem was that it called for over 2 cups of white sugar. Yikes, I didn't want to be putting that much white sugar into a 13x9 pan of brownies. My kids have enough energy as it is and don't need an extra kick start! :)

I had a huge container of honey and thought, "I wonder if I could substitute the honey for white sugar?" I did a search on the internet and what I found said that honey could be substituted for white sugar in most baking recipes. So I went ahead and was excited to do a baking experiment. :)

The only thing that I would need to do though, is reduce the amount of honey used per cup of sugar. The reason being is that honey is sweeter than sugar and because it is a liquid, it will make your batter more runny. So for every cup of sugar, I used 3/4 cups of honey.

The result? The brownies turned out great and tasty! They had a slight hint of honey taste, but nothing overpowering. They were moist and chewy. Mateo loved them!



  1. Hey! Honey....sugar...same difference! :-)

  2. LOL, yes they are both sweet! :))

    * But for sugar, in the process of manufacturing, the organic acids, protein, nitrogen elements, enzymes and vitamins in the sugar cane are destroyed, whereas honey, a natural sweetener, subjects only to minimal heating. Also, honey has certain beneficial antioxidant and antimicrobial properties which are not present in table sugar.

    * Source - http://www.benefits-of-honey.com/honey-vs-sugar.htm

    Have a great day! ♥

  3. Thanks for reading my mind. Brownies are my favorite dessert and I am trying to cut down on sugars. Glad your experiment worked! I will try it too.

  4. LOL, Carol! :) Yes, you have to give them a go! I'm going to be experimenting with honey for my other baking goodies too. :)


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