Sunday, July 17, 2011

Inspiration Sunday - Cloudy, Rainy Days

This past week has been nothing but clouds and rain. This coming week is supposed to be more of the same. Isn't it supposed to be summer right now? You know, blue skies, sunshine, and warm temperatures? I mean, c'mon, really? It's mid least it was the last time I checked.

So with this icky weather, I thought this week's Inspiration Sunday should be about cloudy, rainy days in hope that the weather will turn and become sunny and blue sky days. Seeing these beautiful bits of inspiration, lightens my mood and maybe it will help me appreciate the clouds and rain more, if just for a moment. :)

Illustrated Vintage Inspired Retro Umbrella Save the Date Card
This save the date card is so, so adorable. I love it!


Purple Rain Earrings
These earrings are just gorgeous! I love the color. I love the design.


Rainy Day Hand Printed Reusable Sandwich Bag
What a wonderful idea! I would love to tote my lunch in here. Love the design.


Wandered Lonely as a Cloud. Silver Finish Charm Necklace
This charm necklace is definitely charming. So simple. So beautiful!


Rain Drops - 3D Paper Illustration
I think that this 3D illustration is very cool. So unique and creative!


Purple Rain Brooch
I love this felted piece of goodness. So sweet!


The Ade - Wool Felted Slipper
These felting slippers look so very cozy. They would be so comfy on my feet. Not to mention that I love the color.


Rhodium Rain Cloud Posts and Pear Glass Stone Studs
These earrings are beautiful. So creative having a rain drop linked to a cloud. Love it!


Moody Clouds Coasters
These are so cute. I love the different faces! Who would not love to set their drink on top of one of these?!


It is Raining Art Cushion Cover
I love the design of this cushion. The design and colors are so beautiful.


So there we have it, some little bits of inspiration to brighten up your cloudy and rainy day. Now if you have nothing but sunshine and blue skies forecasted where you are, can you please send a little my way? Thank you! :)


  1. The top earring and the brooch with the raindrops are both awesome!

    We need rain! We are in a drought and have been having 100+ temps actual, not counting the heat index. Send it our way!

    I hope you'll stop by my blog today


  2. I'll be happy to send you some of our cloudy skies and rain! I'll take 'just a bit' of your warm temps. Yikes, that is hot where you are. Air conditioning, for sure!

    Love your blog post. So inspirational and so true!

    Have a great Sunday! ♥

  3. Such great picks!! Especially the felted rain brooch. People are so creative!!...Let's hope all your picks next week can be sunshine and roses!! :-]

  4. Thank you! I'm so happy that you like them. Yes, definitely creative artists!

    LOL, I would *love* some sunshine and roses. If you are having warm temps and blue skies...please, send them my way! :)


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