Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Peonies

Last Spring when we completely transformed our backyard (you can read about it here), my parents had given us some peony plants from their garden.

When I planted them in my garden they looked ok, but in shock. After a while the leaves were turning yellowish and then brownish. My heart sank because my parents had given these to us and I really wanted them to flourish in our backyard.

So I continued watering them, even though I thought they wouldn't make it. In the fall I cut back all the sickly looking branches (which was basically all of them!) to the ground and left them be during the winter.

Then mid-Spring of this year some shoots started sprouting up. I was amazed because I was already sadly thinking what I could plant in place of the peonies. Then more shoots started sprouting. Then leaves started forming on those shoots.

"Were my eyes deceiving me?", I thought.
No they weren't!
I was then doing the happy dance!

My happy dance turned into crazy dancing when I saw this.


Then my crazy dancing turned into even more crazy dancing when I saw this.


You don't want to ask me what my even more crazy dancing turned into when I saw this. Times that by 8 because there are that many more that look like this. Yahoo!



  1. beautiful, i would do a crazy dance as well!

  2. Thank you! :) I was SO, SO happy when I saw them blooming! Have a great day!

  3. I love it! Mine took so long to open this year. I was noticing all the others already in bloom. Definitely worth the wait though. I gave some to my daughter and she blogged about them too.
    I love the way you wrote about this and your pictures. :)

  4. Beautiful!!! One of my favorite flowers. Unfortunately they do not do well in my area.

  5. Carol - Everything has been blooming later this year for us too. I think it's due to the colder Spring we have had. I checked out your daughter's post...your peonies are absolutely beautiful! They are such a gorgeous flower aren't they? Thanks for your comment about my writing and pictures! :) Have a great evening!

  6. The Crafty Nana - Peonies are fast becoming my favorite flower too. :) They are so delicate and beautiful! I'm sorry that they don't do well in your area. :( Have a nice evening! :)


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