Sunday, June 26, 2011

Inspiration Sunday - Summer Activities

School is officially out for summer break. I can't believe the school year went by in the blink of an eye and that we are already half way through the year. I think time goes by even faster the older I get! :)

So now that it is summer vacation, what sort of things will I do with the kids to fill their days with some fun? Fun, so they aren't say, "I'm bored!"


I searched the internet for some activities and these things caught my eye -

  1. Make a scrapbook of things that you do this summer.
  2. Have a picnic at your local park.
  3. Bake some cookies.
  4. Cut up an old greeting card picture and make a puzzle.
  5. Blow up balloons, put notes inside and hand them out to friends.
  6. Make an obstacle course in your back yard.
  7. Make a treasure hunt.
  8. Make a collage from magazine words and pictures.
  9. Plant something.
  10. Invent your own board game.
  11. Sign up at your local library for their Summer Reading Program.
  12. Learn some new outdoor games.
  13. Make something from recyclables.
  14. Make home made ice cream.
  15. Organize a scavenger hunt.
  16. Start a collection.
  17. Camping outside in the backyard.
  18. Take a field trip.
  19. Build a fort outside.
  20. Take an Alphabet Tour where you bring your camera and look for places or objects that start with each letter in the alphabet.
  21. Go to the beach.
  22. Cook with the kids a meal that they plan and help shop for.
  23. Make sock puppets.
  24. Make your own bubbles and have a bubble blowing contest.
  25. Melt and create with crayons.
  26. Set up Hotwheels races in the driveway.
  27. Have a Lego building contest.
  28. Use magazines to make mosaics.
  29. Check your craft stores for make and take craft projects.
  30. Make a tent in the living room.
  31. Check out local VBS offerings.
  32. Play "I Spy" as you walk around your neighborhood.
  33. Collect Seashells. (then sort by color/size. etc. - make a seashell necklace or use the shells to decorate an empty jar)
  34. Gather, paint, make pet rocks.
  35. Have a pajama day, enjoy movies and popcorn (great for a rainy day).
  36. Make some homemade popsicles.
  37. Make musical instruments and have your kids put on a summer evening concert. An empty water bottle and some dried beans makes a great shaker; a plastic container and spoons become a drum; and pot covers can be cymbals.
  38. Help your child make a card – from scratch – for someone they love.
  39. Make playdough.
  40. Build and decorate a birdhouse together.
  41. With an insect book in hand, discover the creatures living in your garden, and learn about their benefits together.
  42. Take a trip to your local farmer's market and teach your children about local fruit and vegetables. Don't forget to try new fare.
  43. Go for a walk and collect leaves and flowers as you go. Back at home, use a field guide to help you find out what the plants are called.
  44. Make and decorate papier-mâché face masks.
  45. Encourage your child to create his own illustrated nature journal, keeping track of all the things he hears, sees, touches and smells outside over the summer months.
  46. Cool off with water games, such as running through the sprinkler and water balloon fights.
  47. Make things out of clay.
  48. Make pretty paper sunflowers and create an indoor garden.
  49. Learn a new word every day. Open a children's dictionary, then have your child close her eyes and point to a word. That word becomes the word of the day. Encourage her to use the word as many times as she can.
  50. Pitch a tent your living room and allow the kids to enjoy the fun of camping without the hassle of a vacation.

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