Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Etsy Favorites

This week's Friday Etsy favorites are just lovely! ♥

1. Clover Istanbul ► Black and White Little Bird Pendant
2. Little Sidekick ► Soft Blocks - Set of 3
3. The Nib And Quill ► Mini Handmade Journal with Coptic Binding
4. Waterrose ► Hand Embroidery Cuffs
5. Erin Elyse Designs ► Set of 6 Blue Floral Fabric Cover Push Pins
6. Dainty Button ► Sweet Home Alabama Headband



  1. wonderful collection and thank you!

  2. You are welcome! You have so many gorgeous and exquisite items in your was difficult for me to choose which one to feature!

    I appreciate your comments! Have a wonderful weekend! :)


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