Sunday, March 6, 2011

Inspiration Sunday - Owl Love ♥

My son, Tobias, LOVES his owl. I had bought him from Gymboree a few years ago for Mateo, but Mateo never really played with him. Of course, now that Tobias has a great attachment to him, Mateo goes, "Wasn't he my owl?" :) And I say, "Well, honey, you never really played with him, but Tobias really loves him, so is it ok that he belongs to Tobias now?" Hesitation. "Well, ok."

Tobias sleeps with his owl during naptime and bedtime. One day a few months ago, it was time for Tobias' nap, but his owl was no where to be found. Although I put Tobias in his crib, he did not want to go to sleep without his owl. After almost two hours of searching, I finally found his owl under our leather storage bench. When Mateo came home from school I asked him about it. Mateo goes, "Oops, I hid him under there."! :)

Needless to say, Owl does not venture outside the house in fear of him getting lost! But I still think I need to get some sort of homing device for him! :)

Here is Tobias' well-loved Owl...yes, well-loved indeed!


So, I thought for this week's Inspiration Sunday, it would be all about owls! I have to admit, I really love owls too. There's just something about them that makes my heart sing.

I love these little wool owls. So, so cute.
Moonstitches -

This owl clutch is so sweet.
Little Odd Forest - Hoot The Owl Wrist-Clutch -

This is such a beautiful black and white illustration. So simple, yet so beautiful.
Red Cap - Owl Card -

I am in love with these Pottery Barn bookends. So cute! I think I'm going to attempt to make my own.
Pottery Barn - Owl Bookends -

This owl sweater is too cool. I'm loving the row of owls with buttons for eyes.
Owl Sweater -

A different owl illustration for each month. Super!
Oh My So Cute - Owl Calendar -

I adore this owl clock. Just beautiful!
Decoy Lab - Modern Baby Owl Clock -

This is such a cute card. The recipient is so lucky to be getting it!
Rosie's World - Happy Owls Card -

Who knew that Kate Spade designed an owl bag? Love! ♥
Kate Spade Maximillian Maxwell Owl Purse Bag -

This granite owl family is so sweet.
Viva Terra Owl Family -

I love this illustrated print. So beautiful!
Owl Snuggles by Carmen Keys Medlin -

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