Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Month In Photos

I wanted to embark in Project 365 in 2011. This is taking a photo a day, every day, for the whole year. I tried it last year and started off good, but then I would find myself forgetting a day here and there. Then it started to feel like I had an obligation to pick up my camera and take a picture. This took the creativity out of my photo taking. And I didn't like that.

I recently came across a wonderful solution to this from talented photographer Rebecca Cooper. She calls it a month in photos. It is a scaled down version of project 365 where each month you take as many photos as you would like and then at the end of the month create a photo collage based on those photos. No pressure, no obligation. I absolutely love this solution to Project 365!

Rebecca generously created some templates for you to make a photo collage each month. Just go to the "a month in photos" link above.

Being a scrapbooker, I wanted to include some journaling to go along with the pictures. So I created a 12x12 page, resized Rebecca`s templates slightly so that the top half of the page will be pictures and the bottom half journaling.

I'm so excited to be doing this! I haven't had too much time to scrapbook lately, being busy with every day life and my Etsy shop, so this is the perfect solution for me to remember those precious memories!

Here is an example of the 12x12 page. I may still change it up a bit. The black boxes are where the photos will be and the white space at the bottom is where the journaling will be.



  1. Newest follower of you, I look forward to reading your blog. :)

  2. Thanks so much for following and for reading! :)

  3. I LOVE it!! :) What a great idea to turn it into a monthly scrapbook page! So happy to see how easily you were able to customize the collage...I'm loving the fonts/colors you chose! :) Won't it be fun to have 12 of these at the end of the year!! Thanks so much for sharing! :) Rebecca (sorry, that was a lot of smiley faces) ;)

  4. Thanks Rebecca! :) I love scrapbooking and unfortunately, haven't had time to do any (I really need to look into that and dedicate some time to it), so the "a month in photos" is PERFECT! Yes, I am definitely looking forward to seeing all these at the end of the year! I love smiley faces! :) See? :)))


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